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Challenge Match for SDSU Jackrabbit Athletics

Go Big! Go Blue! Go Jacks!

Today, your gift to Jackrabbit Athletics has the opportunity to make an even bigger impact.

An anonymous donor has generously agreed to give $1,000 if we reach 25 donors to Jackrabbit Athletics on August 30 - One Day for STATE

But the competition doesn't stop there. Once that first challenge is met, we have to keep that momentum to the final buzzer! The donor has agreed to provide another $1,500 if we reach an additional 25 donors to Jackrabbit Athletics that day.

Jackrabbits love a good challenge - so let's pull together to make a difference!

Where Will My Gift Go?

Gifts to our Athletic Excellence Funds provided from private donors make a significant difference in the quality of our Jackrabbit Athletic programs. Whether it be supporting equipment needs, team travel, or simply enhancing the student-athlete experience, your gift – of any size – really can make a difference.

While completing your donation, you will also have the option to indicate the sport that you would like to support, so you can give to the area that you feel most passionate about.

It's gametime Jacks - let's do this!


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